Friday, March 27, 2015

H&M Cosmetics Review + Full Face Tutorial

Ive said it once and I'll say it again, I'm pretty obsessed with H&M. It definitely doesn't help that I'm there everyday because I work there. (It takes tremendous willpower to not spend my entire paycheck in the store whenever I receive it).  Anyway, for some reason, in the year that I've been working at H&M I've never tested out their makeup. So last week I finally decided it was time to put the H&M cosmetics to the test! I bought everything needed for a full face of makeup including brushes (besides foundation and concealer because they don't sell any).

Instead of just swatching all the products I got, I thought I would do a full face demo/tutorial as well so you can actually see what they look like on the skin! I used my normal foundation routine for this (if you'd like a post on how I do my foundation routine just comment down below) and I personally think it turned out really nicely!

So first things first (I'm the realest), let's get into all of the products I bought and a review of how I liked them/how they applied to my face.

Bronzing Powder - $5.95 
First off is the bronzing powder. I was really worried when I purchased this because you can clearly tell that it is very orange toned. As someone with pale skin, orange bronzer is normally not a good look. However, this color on this wasn't as bad when actually on the skin and it was surprisingly easy to blend.
It was a bit powdery though so make sure you tap off your brush well if you use this. I still think you can get better bronzers from brands like Rimmel and Wet n Wild for the same price, though, so I probably would pass on this one. It's a nice affordable bronzer, just not my favorite because of the color.
Rate: 2.5/5

 Powder Highlighter - $5.95
Okay, I love this highlighter. it's a beautiful peachy-gold color and isn't too shimmery. It has the perfect amount of sheen when applied to the cheeks! It also is a little powdery like the bronzer, but as long as you don't pick up a lot on your brush you should be good to go.
Rate: 4/5

How the bronzer and highlighter looked on my skin (foundation is Loreal True Match)

BB Cream Foundation Brush $9.95 | Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush $4.95

I applied both the bronzer and highlighter with the BB Cream Foundation Brush and I really liked it. It is super soft and applied the powder products really well. I didn't use this brush for my foundation because I'm not a huge fan of brushes for foundation. I find they look to streaky on me so I just used my beauty blender instead.
I used the Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush to apply my eyeshadow (duh) and my eyebrow powder. I also liked this brush, especially the eyeliner side. It made doing my eyebrows so easy (I even like it better on my eyebrows than my MAC 266 brush).
Rate: 4.5/5

Eye Pen (shimmer champagne color) - $4.95
I absolutely love this eye pen! I used it as an eyeshadow base and it kept my eyeshadows on, with minimal creasing for over 6 hours. These remind me of the NYX eyeshadow sticks but (thank god) you don't have to sharpen these since they're a twist up. It's a beautiful champagne color with a ton of shimmer. I would totally wear this all the time and am probably going to buy more colors next time I'm at H&M!
Rate: 5/5

Nude Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - $5.95
Next is the Nude Eyes palette. It comes with three eyeshadow shades (a matte cream, shimmery light peach brown, and a medium shimmery taupe color) and three eyebrow shades (a matte light brown, matte medium brown, and a matte black). You can use the eyebrow shades for eyeshadows as well, which is what I did, so you basically get six eyeshadows for $6. I liked how the colors looked on the eye, but I was honestly disappointed with these. They didn't have much pigmentation so I had to pack on a lot of eyeshadow just to have it  show up. Plus, these eyeshadows have a ton of fallout. I had fallout all over my undereyes when I was done blending my eyeshadow in. They did blend pretty easily, however. The eyebrow shades are nice but I suck at using powder eyebrow products so I didn't really like those either. This palette isn't bad but it didn't impress me either. I'd much rather use Wet n Wild eyeshadows from the drugstore.
Rate: 2/5

How the eyeshadow & eyebrow colors looked on my eye and eyebrow
A little diagram of which shadow shades I put where!
I started out with putting the champagne eye pen all over my eyelid and blending it out with the eyeshadow brush. Then I put the number "1" eyeshadow on my browbone and inner eye corners. I put the eyshadow "2" on the middle on my lid and blended it towards "1" in my inner corner. Then I put the eyeshadow "3" on the outer half of my lid. Then, I switched to the eyebrow shades and applied the 1st lighter brown in my crease and blended that out for my transition shade. Lastly, I put the 2nd darker eyebrow shade in the out V of my eye and slightly blended it into the outer part of my crease.
For my eyebrows, I just used the 2nd middle brown shade on the tail/middle of my eyebrow and blended it into the lighter 1st shade in the front of my eyebrow for a more natural look.

 Mega Volume Mascara $6.95
This is an amazing volumizing mascara; it made my lashes look so dark and thick! The wand is pretty big so it made doing my top lashes really easy (it was a little harder to do the bottom lashes though, but not impossible). It didn't smear throughout the day and didn't flake off on my cheeks. Plus, it was really easy to get off at the end of the night. I wish that this mascara also lengthened the lashes, though, because it literally did nothing for that. Overall, I think this is an awesome mascara if you already have long lashes and just need some volume.
Rate: 4/5

Lipstick in Seductive Red - $4.95
I love this lipstick. The color is such a stunning, true Hollywood red. I was so surprised with this lipstick because it goes on so smoothly! It literally glides on the lips with no effort. Because it is so smooth, I definitely recommend using a lip brush to get an even, clean look. I found that when I just applied it from the tube it went on very dodgy around my lip line. For a creamy lipstick, it lasted on my lips pretty long and didn't get patchy when it started wearing off.

And that's it! Here's what my finished full face looks like after using all the products

My final thoughts and review: 
I think, overall, the H&M cosmetics are really good. They're inexpensive, have a nice range of products, and are pretty easily accessible! I would 100% recommend the eyeshadow pens, lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow brush, and mascara. 

Have you ever tried H&M cosmetics? Comment down below what you'd like to try from the brand or if you have any other makeup brands you'd like to see me review!


  1. You look amazing! I tend to neglect their makeup area but I really should check it out. Great post

    1. You should definitely check it out! I was so pleasantly surprised. The red lipstick I tried would look gorgeous on you xx

  2. Do you have tips on how to contour for beginners and some affordable products? Thanks!

    1. Hi Erin! So sorry for the late reply. I have an amazing affordable product review on the NYX contour sticks if you want to check that out (: xx

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  4. Replies
    1. Hi there doll! Sorry for the late reply! This makeup lasted pretty much the whole day, besides the lipstick. I found, since the lipstick was so creamy, I had to reapply it quite often. xx

  5. Great review! Thank you for being so thorough. I honestly had no idea H&M even had a beauty department. Guess it's been a while since I've been in one of their stores, until tonight, that is. First time I've gone in one in a while! Have you tried their nail polish yet? I'm curious to know how well it wears. They have a lot of gorgeous colors!
    I definitely plan on trying some of their beauty products based on your review.
    Thanks again!!

    1. Thanks doll :)
      H&M actually reformulated their whole beauty line as well so they have even more items than before!! I personally haven't tried their nail polish but I bet it would be fairly good for the price

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