Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tip Tuesday: How to get Deodorant Stains out of Clothes

Hi friends! So today is kind of exciting, I decided to start a new segment on my blog called "Tip Tuesday" where I share little fashion/beauty tips and tricks with you all. I'll be sharing super easy tips that will hopefully help you with all those little annoying things that happen to us beauty and fashion wise.

So let's get on to the first ever Tip Tuesday!

I'm sure I'm not that only one who has had this happen: you put on your favorite black top, look at your outfit in the mirror before leaving for the day, and see huge white streaks all over your shirt. Obviously you can't just throw your shirt in the washer if you're dashing out the door, so what can you do besides changing your shirt?

Luckily, there is actually a really quick and easy way to get those stubborn deodorant stains out of your clothes without having to wash them! When I used to do threatre in high school, we used to get deodorant on all of our costumes so we had to learn how to quickly get them out backstage. All you need is either a pair of nylons or a dryer sheet.

Step 1. Take off your shirt/dress and lay it down flat with the deodorant stain facing up
Step 2. Grab a pair of nylons or a dryer sheet
Step 3. Rub the deodorant stain with the nylons/dryer sheet until the stain lifts off (generally around a minute or less)
Step 4. Wear your black shirt with pride now that there are no more deodorant marks!
to use dryer sheets!).

I like to keep a dryer sheet folded away in my purse just in case I notice some deodorant on my shirt during the day. It's a simple trick that is such a lifesaver!

What are your quick and easy fashion/beauty tips?

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