Monday, June 29, 2015

The Best Drugstore Lip Liners! - NYX Slim Lip Pencils Review + Swatches

NYX Slim Lip Pencils Review + Swatches

It's probably no secret that I am hopelessly obsessed with lip products, especially lipstick. Since I am a self-proclaimed lipstick hoarder who loves to overdraw her lips, I obviously need to own a fair amount of lip liners.

I own lip liners from pretty much every brand out there: Urban Decay, MAC, Rimmel, Maybelline, Jordana, Kat Von D, etc. Even though my high end brand lip liners are all amazing, I find myself gravitating towards one certain brand: NYX. Their Slim Lip Pencils especially have become my favorite lip liners above all the other ones in my collection.

NYX Slim Lip Pencils Review + Swatches
Top to Bottom: Plum, Hot Red, Fuchsia, Dolly Pink, Mahogany, Pale Pink
The best part about these lip liners, besides the formula, is the price. One of these lip liners from Ulta is only $3.49 compared to a MAC lip pencil at $16 (that's over 4x the price of one NYX liner)!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows Review + Swatches

Colourpop Review & Swatches
If you keep up with any online beauty community, you have probably heard of Colourpop Cosmetics. Colourpop Cosmetics is an online company that has absolutely gorgeous products for super affordable prices. By affordable, I mean I got 8 crazy-pigmented eyeshadows for only $30 (with their $5 newsletter coupon, free shipping, and their limited edition birthday shadow for free).

Each of their super shock eyeshadows, lippie stix, and lippie pencils are only $5 each. Their blushes, bronzers, and highlighters are only $8 a piece. I've only ever tried their eyeshadows but I've heard nothing but amazing things about all of their other products.

Plus, like I mentioned earlier, if you sign up for their newsletter you get $5 off your first purchase and all shipping for orders over $30 is always free.

Colourpop Review & Swatches

All of their orders come in a nicely packaged box with the "Colourpop" logo on it. Everything was packaged very securely as well so nothing arrived damaged.Each order comes with a cute handwritten note too which is such an adorable and personal touch!

Texture & Application
The texture for these eyeshadows is so strange!! It's not a powder...not really a feels almost like a mousse but applies like a powder? I don't even know how to explain it, it's so strange. They are so incredibly soft, creamy, and apply like a dream/ They blend out so effortlessly as well; I am totally in love with them and can't wait to order more shades.
Colourpop Birthday Girl Swatch
Shade: Birthday Girl (limited edition)

Colourpop's Super Shock eyeshadows come in a bunch of different finishes. They come in: Satin, Matte, Metallic, Ultra Metallic, Pearlized, and Pressed Pigments. I purchased mainly matte shades, 1 ultra metallic, and 2 metallic shades.
Colourpop Review & Swatches
From L/R: Liberty, Bill, Hanky Panky, Birthday Girl, On the Rocks, Bandit, Shop, Hustle
Liberty (ultra metallic): Intense metallic liquid silver
Bill (matte): Muted beige-plum
Hanky Panky (matte): Soft cool-toned taupe
Birthday Girl (Limited Edition) (metallic): Muted brown with bronze and gold shimmer
On the Rocks (metallic): Vibrant true bronze with gold and violet shimmer
Bandit (matte): Warm rust brown
Shop (matte): Vibrant rusty coral
Hustle (matte): Burgundy violet 

Colourpop Liberty Swatch
Crease: Bill | Outer V/browbone: Naked 2 Palette | Lid: Liberty

I think my favorite shade that I purchased definitely has to be Liberty. It is such a beautiful true silver that applies like a dream.

My final thoughts and Review
Colourpop Cosmetics get two huge thumbs up for me. Not only are they brilliant shadows but they are actually affordable. For only $5 you get pigmentation and blendability just as good as all of my MAC and higher end shadows. I can't wait to buy more and add to my Colourpop collection! 

  • Affordable
  • Huge range of colors/finishes
  • Very blendable and creamy
  • Super pigmented
  • Can only buy online

Have you ever tried any colourpop shadows? What are your favorites/must haves from Colourpop?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to get Bigger "Kylie Jenner" Lips + Affordable Dupes

How to get bigger Kylie Jenner lips

First off, before we get into today's post, let me apologize for the lack of posts this last week. I have really bad tonsillitis and an infection in my throat so I have been down and out on medication and haven't gotten out of bed. I'm finally starting to feel better though (thank god) so I finally had the energy to get up and make a post! So...let's get on to how I overdraw my lips!

I know I'm totally the last person on earth to address this topic but...I love over lining my lips. Overdrawing your lips has especially become popular during the last few months because of Kylie Jenner.

Kylie finally admitted to having lip injections in one of the last episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (big surprise, right...) but I still love how she draws her lips in general. Her signature 90's browny-nude color is to die for!

Now, I don't have thin lips by any means but my lower lip is definitely bigger than my top lip. I love to overdraw my top lip so my lips become more even and full. I feel like it adds a lot more balance to my face and it just looks awesome, in my opinion!

Plus, overdrawing your lips is actually really easy and only requires a few products.

How to get bigger Kylie Jenner lips

All we need for the perfect overdrawn, "Kylie Jenner" lip is two lipsticks and a lip liner.
We're going to need a brown toned nude, a lighter nude, and a brown-nude lip liner.

I used MAC's Velvet Teddy but two good affordable dupes would be Wet n Wild's Bare it All or Rimmel's Mauve It Over. I also used MAC's Naturally Eccentric (a limited edition color) but any basic light nude, or even a concealer, would work!

For my lip liner I used Rimmel's Exaggerate liner in Addiction - a close dupe to MAC's Whirl or MAC's Soar.

How to get bigger Kylie Jenner lips

Step 1: Start out by having moisturized and exfoliated clean lips. We're going to be using a few products so we don't want our lipstick to stick to dry lips.
Step 2:
Take your dark brown-nude lip liner and line your lips. Instead of lining right on your lip line, try to line right above it. This will create an illusion of fuller lips.
Step 3:
After outlining your lips, take your lip pencil and draw three vertical lines on your lower lip. This will give the illusion of a pouter, "split" lip (like Angelina Jolie!). You can also line the inside of your top lip to create more depth.
Step 4:
Next, take your brown-nude lipstick and apply it all over both your lips up to the new lip line that we created.
Step 5:
Last, take either your concealer or your lighter nude lipstick and apply it to the center of your lips. This will give an illusion of light hitting your lips which makes them look fuller! Kylie's famous lip look doesn't have a lighter color in the center but for us thinner lipped people, it helps make them look more full!

And that's it! The easy way to getting full, plump lips without lip injections!

What do you guys think about Kylie Jenner's famous lips? Love them or hate them?