Friday, March 4, 2016

Daiso Japan Haul - Lashes, Face Masks, and Random Beauty Bits!

Hi Dolls! 

Wow it has certainly been a while since I've posted on my little blog. I'm so sorry about the lack of activity on here; I got a new job a few months ago and have been just so busy. But, I'm finally settled into my new job and ready to start posting again! I missed you guys and I missed writing posts for all of you!

Anyway, enough with the jabbering on...let's get onto what this post is actually about! 

Yesterday on my day off from work, my boyfriend and I decided to go to the brand new Daiso Japan store that opened up at our local mall. If you guys don't know what Daiso is, it's basically a Japanese dollar store that has a bunch of awesome items for only $1.50 US. There's literally everything in Daiso: kitchen utensils, dishes, Japanese snacks, beauty items, fun crafts....basically there is something for everyone! Even my boyfriend ended up walking out with a bag filled with stuff (mainly food but he was also really excited about a toothpaste roller that he found...).

I, of course, was excited to go to Daiso to look down the beauty aisles! I've always heard great things about Daiso's random beauty finds: specifically their false eyelashes!

Since my Daiso store is brand new, they didn't have the largest stock of eyelashes yet. I was hoping to stockpile a ton of lashes but I only found two that I wanted. The majority of the eyelashes that Daiso has are the ones with dark, thick eyelash bands. Personally, I'm more of a clear lash band gal because I think they look more natural.

So this time,  I only purchased these two! I liked the ones in the pink package because they weren't too dramatic looking and they had that clear lash band. The other pair are some bottom lashes. I've never worn bottom false eyelashes but I've always wanted to see how they look on me! So even if they don't suit me, at least they were only $1.50!!

I also bought a "Nail Parts & Beads Case" to store my eyelashes in after I've worn them. It's just a clear case with 10 little compartments in it.

On the same aisle as the false eyelashes, we a ton of sheet masks! I wanted to buy pretty much every sheet mask there, but I told myself to calm down so I didn't spend all my money haha! I just purchased three of them to try out this time. I got a vitamin E mask, a firming collogen mask, and a two-pack of some moisturizing masks. 

I'm really getting into skincare lately so I'm really excited to try these out! 

I also got some of these cotton puffs to try out! I've heard great things about them so I wanted to give them a go. Apparently, they're really similar to the Shiseido facial cotton sheets that are like $10 for less than half of what you get here! For $1.50 you actually get two of these boxes so 180 sheets!! You definitely can't beat that! These sheets are super soft, smooth, and plush and are going to be great for any liquid skincare or even for removing nail polish. 

Last thing of note that I got was this random "silicone kitchen tool"! It's a silicone mat with a raised honeycomb like pattern. I bought this with the idea that it would be amazing to wash my makeup brushes on (similar to the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat).

I actually used this last night to clean all of my makeup brushes and oh my god it cleans them so well!! Normally, it takes me over half and hour to clean all of my brushes but using this mat to swirl them all on cleaned them in literally half the time. 

All in all, Daiso totally surpassed my expectations! This store was so fun and I think I found a bunch of awesome things. My boyfriend and I both would totally go shopping there again!

Have you ever been to Daiso? What should I look out for next time I go shopping there?

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